Sherwin Williams - "Vibrance"

The problem: Too many homeowners are settling for safe, neutral, Benjamin Moore-like paints. They are afraid that if they use bright colors incorrectly, their house will explode.

The other problem: Painting is boring. Painting is tedious. Painting sucks.

The opportunity: Use Sherwin Williams' brightness advantage to give people more confidence when it comes to matching bold colors.

The other opportunity: Make painting fun.





We created a new line for Sherwin Williams and a new concept for the industry.




Vibrance empowers you to look beyond individual paint colors and instead choose an emotion or feeling to connect with. You can pick from hundreds of personality palettes, which each include 3-4 pigments. These pigments are carefully designed to complement each other, whether used together in the same room or across an entire home. 


Swatch: The title and story (feeling) are on the left. The colors that create it are on the right.

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Homepage for the Vibance website.



While on the site, shuffle through virtual rooms, each with a new palette brought to virtual life. 

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The online Color Shrink asks you in-depth questions and analyzes variables like wardrobe and furniture tones, music taste, and family situation. Once it hears you out, it recommends a short list of palettes. You can then order your palette for store pickup. 




 Or you can book an appointment with a real live Color Shrink at the Vibrance Concept store.






(art director- Tiffany Lam)